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Dr. Claude Chauchard let me know a positive way to improve my nutrition, the Biological and Gene Nutrition is a very effective diet to stay young and healthy, thank you Dr. Chauchard.


- Lin Zhiling


The Biological and Gene Nutrition totally change my life to be healthier as well as my wife and children, it is a slimming, healthy and nutrition diet I believe it can makes your life better.


- Fabrice Boutain


“OMG!!! It was such a great facial, I really felt my skin was totally cleansed to kingdom come. My aesthetician had really nimble and gentle hands so it didn't feel like torture.”


- Christine Dychiao, fashion blogger


Dr. Claude Chauchard is a cosmetic dermatologist and the medical director of Aesthetic Science Clinic... he was definitely practicing what she preached—he’s all milky, smooth and perfect skin!”


- Frances Amper-Sales, columnist, PARIS Bulletin


“This is the only treatment I know that shows noticeable and, yes, dramatic results in terms of actually making freckles and pigmentation disappear in a month. Post-acne dark spots are totally wiped out.”


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