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Medical Service & Treatment
Professional & Premium Clinical Services
La Clinique de Paris International Group



A Personalised Programme For You

Your programme will consist of a detailed blood test ( some of the blood sent to Paris for full analysis ), illness prevention, identification of organ failure, preventive organ profiling, and a check on mineral levels, antioxydant, hormones and blood pressure, followed by personalised prescription. It will be a true preventive programme for ageing that includes hormone replacement therapy specifically adapted for you.

Treatment And Services

Treatment and operation using state-of-the-art technology led by Dr. Claude Chauchard and operated by the consulting doctors:

  ◾  Preventive medicine for ageing
  ◾  Growth hormone replacement therapy
  ◾  Young programme for preventive therapy for ageing
  ◾  Hair loss treatment (hair regrowth/transplantation/replacement/surgery/scalp reduction)
  ◾  Slimming programme (protein diet, slimming boots, body reshaping by liposuction)
  ◾  Sexual ageing treatment and rejuvenation
  ◾  Laser treatment for snoring, blocked nose, nose allergy
  ◾  Laser treatment for skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and brown spots reduction
  ◾  Sleep disorder treatment
  ◾  Stress monitoring and detoxification programs
  ◾  "Drive Longer, Live Better" a special program to enhance golfing and help players drop their handicap faster
  ◾  And the "Optimal Health Program for Executive" the H.O.P.E. Program to optimize health and efficiency