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Biological Testing

La Clinique de Paris International is at the top of technologies for biological testings in Total Ageing Management. Our software are also offering an exclusive way to visualize, analyse and follow your biological values.
Each client is able to see his progress with the treatment, diminution of oxidation levels, detoxification of liver, augmentation of hormonal level, perfect balance of fatty acids

Biological Age

The biological age is an exclusivity from La Clinique de Paris after studying the evolution of each analytical parameter with the age, we have elaborated mathematical correlation to evaluate the ageing process of each patient:

  ◾  Reduced Ageing
  ◾  Normal Ageing
  ◾  Pre maturate ageing
  ◾  Accelerate Ageing

You will observe months after month your progress going from an accelerate ageing to a Reduced ageing, the Live Longer Live Better process.

Full Biological Assessment in Total Ageing Management

"Anti-ageing medicine is searching all deficiencies to rebalance.”

  ◾  Hormonal Profile
  ◾  Thyroid Profile
  ◾  Oxydative Stress Profile
  ◾  Fatty Acids and Lipid Profile
  ◾  Neurotransmitters Profile
  ◾  Intestinal Permeability
  ◾  Food Allergies
  ◾  Immune System Profile
  ◾  Bone Density
  ◾  Serology
  ◾  Melatonine Hormon
  ◾  Tumor Markers
  ◾  Cardiovascular Risk Profile
  ◾  Organs Failure Study
  ◾  Nutritional and Free Radicals Activity Profile
  ◾  Dysbiosis (Urine Organic Acids)
  ◾  Helicobacter Pylori
  ◾  Muscular Biomarkers
  ◾  Vitamins and Minerals Defense

Programs and Biological Assessments

Nutritional disorders
  ◾  Helicobacter Pylori
  ◾  Urinary Organic Acids
  ◾  Nutritional Profile
  ◾  Food allergies, food intolerance

  ◾  Nutritional Profile
  ◾  Thyroid Profile
  ◾  Fatty acid Profile
  ◾  Glucose Intolerance and Hyperinsulinism Study

  ◾  Neurotransmitters
  ◾  Cells Ageing
  ◾  Hormonal Balance
  ◾  Stress Hormons

  ◾  Nutritional profile
  ◾  Oxydative stress profile
  ◾  Muscular biomarkers
  ◾  Cardiovascular risk profile

Skin Ageing Management
  ◾  Vitamins
  ◾  Minerals
  ◾  Anti-oxydants
  ◾  Fatty acids and membranes activity
  ◾  Allergic profile
  ◾  Hormons

  ◾  Cells ageing Profile
  ◾  Neurotransmitters
  ◾  Nutritional profile
  ◾  Cardiovascular risk profile


In Men and Women ageing is caused by hormonal imbalance. Insulin injections prolong and save the lives of diabetics, thyroid hormons help children to grow. The same is true of replacement hormones in the body...

  ◾  IgF1
  ◾  s-DHEA
  ◾  Total Testosterone
  ◾  SHBG
  ◾  Free testosterone
  ◾  Cortisol morning
  ◾  LH
  ◾  FSH
  ◾  Oestradiol
  ◾  CBG
  ◾  Progesterone
  ◾  Andostanediol gluconoride

Besides s-DHEA, the male sex hormone testosterone is the most abundant androgen that is secreted in men.


  ◾  Melatonin can influence all the cell's. This explains why it constitutes an endogenous synchroniser capable of stabilising or reinforcing circadian rhythms.
  ◾  Melatonin acts upon the immune system in a number of ways. It increases natural and acquired immunity, has beneficial effects on the thymus gland, and   
       modulates concentrations of zinc. It regulates the activities of killer cells and of CD4+ types 1 and 2 lymphocytes.
  ◾  Melatonin also inhibits the gonadotrophin, corticotrophin et thyreotropin axes.
  ◾  Lastly, it is also endowed with strong anti-oxidant capacity.


  ◾  TSH
  ◾  T3
  ◾  T4
Secreted by a gland situated in the upper part of the thorax, thyroid hormons are essential for an individual's vitality and tone


  ◾  CEA
  ◾  CA 19-9
  ◾  CA 125
  ◾  CA 15-3
  ◾  Enolase
  ◾  Total PSA
  ◾  Free PSA
  ◾  Alphafoetoprotein
  ◾  Thyroglobulin

The PSA is an enzyme secreted by the prostate, it's used to measure the quality of the prostate tissue


  ◾  Anti LDL oxydated
  ◾  8 OHDG
  ◾  SOD
  ◾  GPX
  ◾  Selenium
  ◾  Copper
  ◾  Vitamin E
  ◾  Cholesterol
  ◾  Thiols proteins
  ◾  Uric Acid
  ◾  Fix capacity of Iron
  ◾  Transferrin
  ◾  Ferritin
  ◾  Iron
  ◾  Vitamin A
  ◾  Zinc

Oxydative Stress is the first responsible of DNA damages leading to prematurate Ageing

8 OHDG is the most representative indicator of this mutagen background.It's resulting from the most abundant and active mutagen agents, those which producing from oxygen and nitrogen that we consume.


Cholesterol which belongs to the steroid family, plays a part in the structure of the cellular membrane and offers it support.

LDL cholesterol is made up of very light elements and which can bring on artherosclerosis

Other specific biomarkers like homocystein are also very indicative to increase cardiovascular risks.

  ◾  Homocystein
  ◾  Anti LDL oxydated
  ◾  Fatty acids
  ◾  Cholesterol Total, HDL, LDL
  ◾  Triglycerides
  ◾  Lipoprotein (a)
  ◾  Alipoproteins A1, B


Fluidity and permeability of the membranes depends on their fatty acid composition:
This affects all the cellular functions
  ◾  It is advisable to study the FA Profile in
       - multiple pregnancies (deficiency in arachidonic acid)
       - premenstrual syndrome (imbalance between arachidonic acid and dihomogammalinoleric acid which induces an imbalance between
         prostagandine type 1 and 2)
       - resistant skin / circulatory troubles
       - behavioral problems
       - 'accelerated' ageing (the cell no longer has the capacity to optimally regulate the enzymatic systems).
Furthermore, the oxidative stress often present amplifies membrane disorders - creation of toxic peroxides 4 HNE, 8 epi PGF 2a
  ◾  Not easy to discover
       - nutritional research is often biased
       - the answers lack objectivity
       - the fatty acid composition in a certain number of foodstuffs, nutritional tables are incomplete
  ◾  Clinical signs of fatty acid deficiencies or imbalances are NOT specific. Any cell, any tissue can be affected.
Only a fatty acid profile (FAP) provides an objective evaluation

  ◾  Saturated
  ◾  Mono-Unsaturated
  ◾  Poly-Unsaturated
  ◾  Omega 6,Omega 3


  ◾  Full Hematology profile
  ◾  GOT
  ◾  GGT
  ◾  gGT
  ◾  Bilirubin
  ◾  Glucose
  ◾  Urea
  ◾  Creatinin
  ◾  Alcalin Phosphatase


Evaluation of activation of monoaminergic axes :

  ◾  Dopaminergic axis :
       - dopamine;
       - Dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC);
       - Homovanillic acid (HVA).
  ◾  Noradrenergic and catecholaminergic axis :
       - 3 methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol (MHPG);
       - vanylmandelic acid (VMA).
  ◾  Serotoninergic axis :
       - Serotanin;
       - 5-hydroxyindolacetic acid (5HIA).
Can also be used as a tool in the evaluation of the effectiveness of anti-depressants and other molecules with regulative aims.

The action of anti-depressants is often multiple. It can affect several monoaminergic axes at the same time. Potential treatment unsuitability will rapidly become apparent


  ◾  Sub clinical chronic infections : malnutrition leads to the depletion of the lymphoid organs, dysfunctioning of humoral immunity, disturbance in macrophage functions.
  ◾  Behavioral problems : the synthesis of neurotransmitters is dependent upon certain amino acids.
  ◾  Endocrinal dysregulation : proteins are at the root of the peptide hormones interaction with the central nervous system which plays an important part in the regulation of the thyroid-suprarenal-ovarian axis.
  ◾  Intestinal dysfunctioning : the small intestine is very sensitive to malnutrition. A reduction in enzymatic activity will ensue, with changes in intestinal permeability and immunity.
Ageing : malnutrition among elderly subjects is associated with an increase in morbidity and mortality (infections, depression).


  ◾  Mannitol and Lactitol Test
  ◾  In different disease like arthritis, atopic dermatitis we observe a failure of the intestinal system. This is due to the leaky Gut Syndrom


  ◾  The dysibiosis is a disease of the intestinal flor. We can diagnose presence of Fungus and bacterias.
  ◾  We study the different acids produced by the metabolism of these bacterias in the urine.


 Allergies is not only skin irritation. Some Symptoms Associate with Food Allergies


Headache, Dizziness, recurrent sinusitis, migraine, tiredness, insomnia, dark eyes circle, lethargy, always wake up when sleeping

Eye, Ear, Neck & Respiratory System

Ear infection, running or congested nose, soar throat, mouth soars, nasosinusities, puff eyelids, coughing, recurring colds

Heart & Chest

Asthma, Irregular heart beats, Wheezing

Digestive System

Indigestion, nausea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, gas bloating, stomach ulcers, abdominal pains, pruitis ani, cramping, pain and colic(in babies)

Muscle & Joints

Muscle aches, Joint pain, joint inflammation(arthritis) some cases of rheumatoid arthritis etc

 Allergy Analysis also so important in Total Ageing Management

  ◾  96 Food panel
  ◾  96 Vegetarian Food panel
  ◾  46 Inhalant
  ◾  24 Spices and 24 Herbs


  ◾  Helicobacter Pylori is a gram + bacillus discovered in 1982 by Warren and Marshall.
  ◾  This bacillus is responsible of chronic gastritis and ulcer.
  ◾  It can also be a precursor of gastric cancer disease.


Find out how our organism protect us against foreign invaders, throught typing linphocytes, IgM, IgG, IgE antimytochondria...


  ◾  Sport activities: recovery, tiredness, overstraining
  ◾  Diagnose oxydative damages of muscles, get information about their quality and energetic deprive
       - Allantoine
       - Putrescin
       - Spermidin
       - Hypoxanthine
       - 3-methyl-histidine
  ◾  Increase the muscle mass


  ◾  Bone density drop with ageing
  ◾  Around 40 years old, bones are loosing the calcium which make them resistant. Body is loosing shape, risks are increasing especially for women.Osteoporosis can be diagnose :
       - NTx (telopeptides collagen)
       - DPD (D-pyridinoline libre)
       - Phosphatases alcalines
  ◾  Protecting factors of bone density:
       - Balance calcium, vitamin D, Sun, physical activity, hormonal treatments


  ◾  Vitamin A, E, B, D
  ◾  Copper
  ◾  Selenium
  ◾  Zinc
  ◾  Magnesium
  ◾  Calcium...

Vitamins and trace elements are acting in our body as catalyzers of several reactions and antioxidants. They are protecting the cells and membrane of the organism against environemental agressive agents


 Serology is usually performed with the entering blood testing :
  ◾  HIV
  ◾  Hepatitis B and C
  ◾  VDRL
  ◾  EBV
  ◾  Herpes
  ◾  CRP