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Biophysical Management System


“The Most Advanced IC Card Controlled System for physical fitness measurement and exercise prescription ”

  ◾  Reliable partner of anti-ageing medicine
  ◾  Standardized fitness factors with up-to-dated compilation of sports science studies.
  ◾  Providing the best exercise prescription based on sports science data.
  ◾  Convenient function with fully automated measurement directions in large graphic animation by LCD and diverse Information processing of IC card.
  ◾  Internet on-line accessibility and integrated system to manage fitness centers on-line

Program Features

“Software program, based on various demographic research and academic data developed and studied by expert sports science institute for many years, provides proper physical fitness examination and exercise prescription to improve individual physical fitness level.”

  ◾  Advice on healthy life through questioning.
  ◾  Scientific diagnosis for physical fitness, body composition, and cardiopulmonary function.
  ◾  Standardize every biophysical and measuring factors.
  ◾  Systemize exercise prescription followed by assessments.
  ◾  Minimize the number of operators.
  ◾  Motivate patients to exercise and maximize the effect of exercise by Total Health Promotion Plan
  ◾  Diverse software for the best management of the members and statistical analysis.

Merits of IC card

La Clinique de Paris records all information of personal characters, medical examination results, nutritional factors, body composition, cardiopulmonary function and other physical examination results on IC Cards with mega information processing capacity. You also can printout your own exercise prescription at any place with La Clinique de Paris whenever you want.

"The same rule that applies to running a company is true for the "management " of our body. A well-organized structure regularly maintained is always better than crisis management. "

Measuring Equipment

  ◾  Questioning :
Personal information's, life style, nutrition, medical information.
  ◾  Medical examination :
Blood pressure, HR, vital capacity etc.
  ◾  Exercise stress test :
Maximum oxygen intake(VO2 max).
  ◾  Body composition :
Height, weight, percentage of fat.
  ◾  Physical fitness test :
Cardiorespiratory endurance : Aerobike, step test.
Muscle strength : Grip and back strength.
Flexibility : Sitting trunk flexion.
Anaerobic power : Sargent jump.
Agility : Side step, reaction time.
Muscle endurance : Sit-up, push-up
Balancing : Close eyes foot balance.

Free to choose the measurement depending on an estimate and using purpose.

Area with Biophysical Machines Abdominaux Heart Rate & Blood Pressure
Back Strength Height & Body Weight  

  ◾  Biophysical analysis evaluates the body condition and provides a very useful tool in anti ageing medicine
  ◾  Follow the progress of the patient
  ◾  Visualize effect of anti-ageing treatments on standardized biophysical parameters
  ◾  Prescribe a tailor-made and progressive training program for patients
  ◾  Help patients to follow exercise programs with scientific approach