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"Have you ever lose your highly valued executive staff to ill health ? You might have. And you know the heavy losses your company has to support for this. Let me present you how La Clinique de Paris can modify this important risk for your company."

Claude Chauchard
La Clinique de Paris Chairman.


We all know now that it is more effective and less costly for a company to maintain Executives in Good Health, rather than to replace any of them.

  ◾  Are your Executives at Risk?
         The H.O.P.E. Program includes very specific and very exclusive blood profiles, specially targeted to diagnose Executives' Risk factors.
         These blood evaluations are carried out in our Paris overseas lab (impossible to be carried out in Hong Kong).

  ◾  The benefits from H.O.P.E.
         La Clinique de Paris’ Optimal Health Program improves Concentration and Physical and Psychological Health.

  ◾  Why would you choose La Clinique de Paris H.O.P.E. Program?
         Our difference: an exclusive and comprehensive checkup and a detailed follow up.

  ◾  Price and conditions
       - The Blood Test can be arranged for a group with minimum of 4 executives at a time.
       - Our nurses will especially come to your office to collect the blood sample from the executives, from 8 to 10 a.m.
         (Blood needs to be collected on an empty stomach)


H.O.P.E. includes specific and exclusive profiles, specially targeted to prevent Executives illnesses and risk factors. (stress, cardiovascular risks, cancer...)

Moreover, it measures over 100 biomarkers to assess the current health status and risk factors