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Certain areas of the body will not respond to weight loss techniques such as exercise or diet. Liposuction permanently and painlessly removes fat that is resistant to these efforts. This results in a more pleasing shape and appearance. By inserting a tiny cannula, ultrasonic waves "melt" the fat which is then suctioned away. A firm garment is usually worn for two weeks after the procedure.

The most common areas requested are the stomach, hips and thighs. The buttocks, knees, breast, chin, neck, are also frequently liposuctioned. Even areas such as the calves and ankles or the back and arms can be sculpted as well. Most patients are back to work in one or two days.

Tummy Tuck

Hanging, saggy, stomach skin often cannot be improved by liposuction alone. Dramatic improvements can be achieved by utilizing a hidden pubic incision and removing extra skin. The abdominal muscles (abs) are tightened at the same time leaving a flat stomach. Also effective for patients who have had previous surgery such as a C-section or hysterectomy, as well as those patients with stretch marks.

Thigh and Buttock Lift

Loose, flabby skin on the thigh commonly known as "cellulite" may not respond to liposuction alone. A hidden incision in the inner thigh can lift and tighten this area, resulting in a tighter smoother appearance. Results are excellent with early return to normal activity.