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Medical Service & Treatment
Professional & Premium Clinical Services
La Clinique de Paris International Group


Skin Rejuvination


  ◾  Prevent the premature skin ageing and add a complement of external treatments
  ◾  Improve the quality of skin
  ◾  Reduce apparition of spots and ageing signs
  ◾  Exclusive service from Paris

Blood Testing to Evaluate

  ◾  Free radical activity
  ◾  Levels of skin vitamins
  ◾  Levels of skin minerals
  ◾  Food Allergies

Internal Treatment

  ◾  Vitamins
  ◾  Minerals
  ◾  Amino acids
  ◾  Plant extracts
  ◾  Plant extracts
  ◾  Anti oxidants
       - In custom preparation
       - In pre compounded nutraceuticals
  ◾  Tailor nutritional program
       - To reduce food allergies
       - To reduce tireless due to digestive problem affecting skin

External Treatment

To improve or cure the skin :
Dermatologic treatments:

  ◾  Peeling
  ◾  Wrinkles treatments
  ◾  Juvederm injections
  ◾  Dysport injections
  ◾  Special creams with exclusive active ingredients
       - Lightening
       - Moisturizing
       - Anti radicals
       - Anti wrinkles
       - Anti spots

To prevent and protect the skin after a dermatologic treatment or just as preventive care

  ◾  Sunscreen to reduce premature ageing due to UVA and UVB in combination of active ingredients
  ◾  Soft cleanser with special formulated surfactant (to remove make-up, polluant and coating products that poison the skin)