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Spot Removal


Many people are uncomfortable with unsightly marks on the skin

Safely removing these brown spots is easier than you think even on the face, arms, body or hand. There is simply no reason to live with an unwanted pigmented lesion at any age, especially since they can often be removed in one treatment session with no scarring.

Solar lentigines (also known as "age spots" or "liver spots"), skin discolorations, mongolian spots, birthmarks, nevi (sometimes called "dark spots" or "moles"), freckles, and tattoos-decorative, cosmetic and medical.

A short pulse (30 nanoseconds-3x10-9) of intense red light (694.3 nanometers) emitted by the laser is selectively absorbed by the melanosome in the epidermal & dermal skin layers. Pigmented lesions are all made of an over abundance of melanosomes in the skin. The laser energy causes the melanosome to fragment into smaller pigment particles that are removed by your body's immune system.