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Am I suffering frome STRESS?


Stress Management and life Style Enhancement Program

HAPPINESS is the most important thing in life and STRESS is one of the most natural causes that takes it away. We all suffer from stress, however it usually goes unnoticed. It damages our health, it makes us become tired, anxious and depressed and hence detracts from our quality of life. Stress has been associated with the risk of many other diseases, ranging from the common cold to fatal heart attacks.

We all tolerate stress differently, Dr.Claude Chauchard of La Clinique de Paris has discovered 3 phases to identify our stress levels.

  ◾  Alert phase
  ◾  Fight or Resistance phase
  ◾  Exhaustion phase
Identify your stress phase, take a few minutes to complete the following form and check your results!

Release STRESS... HAPPINESS follows

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